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About Us

At HattonTech, you won't find pocket protectors and thin black ties.

We're smart but not too smart for our own good. We speak your language and will help you make the right technology decisions for your business.

HattonTech has been serving Charlotte area businesses for 16 years. We bring enterprise expertise to the Small and Medium Business market, and we have years of experience serving the unique needs in this segment. HattonTech provides quality, expert solutions that meet technology needs and prepare our clients for future growth.

At HattonTech we've spent 16 years growing slowly, taking on one customer at a time, building relationships and understanding each client’s needs. We desire to earn your respect and build a long-term relationship through integrity. We provide our clients with solutions that meet their needs without wasting time and resources. With proper planning, implementation and support, HattonTech can improve your work environment and enable your employees to operate with efficiency.

Featured Client


CarBuyCo provides a simple, fast and convenient solution to selling your vehicle. They provide a hassle-free experience without trying to sell you anything.